Future Memories

Why introduce Future Memories

Many writers proposed histories of the future earth such as Olaf Stapledon and his Last and First men or Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and many others. They provided ambitious visions that held their readers in awe and provided many adventurous situations. SagaS developers do not have such visions only the hope that the background they are providing for humanity tribulations to come will provide situations as playable and enjoyable by as many Game Masters and Players as possible.

Some insights of the temporal frame

Our timeframe starts in the year 1862 with the fall of a meteorite in the far north and it goes on more than ten thousand years. This time frame is split between ages that provide a diversity of situations to the players or so we hope. They will live adventurous situations in horror, science fiction or fantasy environments.

Game Masters are not forgotten as they are able to create scenarios in whatever the situation they desire and the environment they prefer. Moreover they will be able to ask questions to Future Memories designers in order to understand how to involve their players with non player characters issued of the background.

Ages dashboard

Victorian Age

Age Victorien

Victorian Age is the transition between the old world of aristocracy, horses, dark cities and the new world whith its artificial electric light, combustion engine cars, world  wars, aircraft…It remains the age of mysteries and of the wonders of the east. United Kingdom dominates the world and colonial empires are everywhere under the rough hand of few western countries. It is also an age of discoveries, the race for the North Pole, the exploration of Amazon, of Africa and its mysteries. Mysteries are everywhere, mediums summon spirits, the Ripper prowls in Whitechapel, the Golden Dawn society and Aleister Crowley try to master occult knowledge. In USA, the first industrial war has occurred paving the way to so many others and 1880 years are revolving around their contrasting achievements and desolations. First deportees of french Commune de Paris are coming back singing “quand reviendra le temps des cerises”. Old world has not yet disappeared in the fire of the first World War but already it is burning.

William Sheffer, the late Comte of Paulhac,  was considering the moon, Year of the Lord, 1882. It is the end of the road. At last freedom granted by once a friend. Louis Duriot. Since his discovery of this old parchment and its description of an elixir of Eternal youth, God has forsaken him. His need for blood every full moon has led him on the roads of Europe to avoid being trapped. He knew of the spirits of those lurking him, he felt the traps before their creations… But he longed also for the rest of the grave. He was not able to run for this life another time and Paris will remain the place he was killed under the moon for the virgin blood…

Modern Age - Not Developped

Modern Age foundations rest upon the first industrial wars. Some remote areas are remaining unexplored. First World War has created a Universe on the brink of chaos where the most adventurous people are leading the dreams of many. The last white russian are fighting the communist dictatorship in Siberia riding heavily weaponised trains, China is the field where all ambitions are focused with its Japan neighbour clutching on Manchuria. Europe is using Africa as a playground for its internal wars and its will to build empires. World is filled of opportunists, adventurers, couragous people trying to avoid the chaos to come. Civilisation is on the brink of extinction when the last straw is pulled… It is 1930 and the black thursday has already occurred.

China, the long march, as a journalist you are walking with the leaders of this great expedition. Mao Tsé Toung, Deng Xiao Ping and all the others. You are the only European guy allowed or better to say the only one that was not killed either during fights or bourgeois behaviour whatever it meant. They are convinced you are backing their cause when in fact your greed is dedicated to the treasures of the first Emperor Tomb. You know the location, you know many of the traps installed, you know what trail to follow to be able to enter but these bloody chinese either communist or nationalist are blocking your way… This american “bronze guy” or the maltese sailor you met in Hong-Kong would have been of great help, but you know that they have too high moral standards for you.

Global Age - Not Developped

Modern Age ended in the fire and the blood of  all these women, children and men slaughtered like cattle in the Shoah or experimented with in the Japanese Unit 731. In spite of the cold war between the United States and USSR, Optimism is everywhere in these days of 1970. “Peace and Love” Youth is winning the game thanks to universal growth and consumer world tenet. Behind the façade all the agencies of the world, KGB, CIA, DGSE, MI-5, name it are fighting one against the other to have the upper hand in the domination of the world and abuse of its wealth. Sometimes submarines have “accidents”, Africa and its transformation imposed by the pseudo-decolonization process is on fire through the war of powers and constant pillaging of its resources. The only goal of those involved is in fact statu quo.

 Eleanore Tsunda is protecting the new president of this back side African country. She was able to enter his bed two weeks ago. She was sent under the assumption that those gifted westerners would try to pry upon the president mind the information needed for them to seize the recently discovered diamond mine. Her country is far from this area but it does not mean enemy should access this resource. Arriving with her president to the eve day she sense immediately something weird… Her mind detects an aura coming from the guy from US embassy. In her files it should have been a mediocre third something but listening to this aura it is not… A new identified MIND agent?

Suspicion Age - Not Developped

Since the fall of the twin towers during this horrid day of September eleven, the world is going amiss. One after the other the different states are promoting their egoisms above the sake of all. Western countries do not want to yield when China does not want to limit. Nevertheless Beijing has become a Las Vegas utilising the water of whole rivers to its increased appetites. Everywhere deserts are growing. Africa is submitted to one drought after the other. Israël has invaded Syria in 2028 in order to control water supplies for itself. USA middle west is no longer able to provide the necessary wheat for its population. World is going aflame and the only goal of those in charge is to keep it as it was whatever the cost.

We created the Agency twelve years ago. At last Africa or part of it was able to unite against those profiters, those wolves dilapidating our most needed resources against drought and famine. The most terrible enemy is using the power of the mind and we have taken many of these years counting them, finding way to protect against them in order to change the way world is working. There is this one guy, he suspects something… he knows something and has some experience working in many part of the world but tonight will be the end of the road for this pawn. They must not know of our existence.

Chaotic Age - Not Developped

Environmental changes followed the abuse of humanity on natural resources leaving many parts of the world withered to the point of killing its inhabitants. Middle-East has become a no-law area where some warlords are master of the remaining water and food supplies. In fact after the many famines of the last years of 2030, the prophet announced that the land of glory, the western countries, were to become the property of the poor designed by god to live in eternal bliss. In 2044 the great migration began from southern Africa and propagated to  all of its desolated countries and those dying… During the first semester of 2045 more than two Million people began to walk towards Europe willing to fight their way through middle east and Turkey. In 2045 and 2046 the battle for Europe started… Against these too vast an army, the classic military defenses were of no use anymore. Turkey is no more and Istambul renamed Byzance again is under Europe control. There remains of the United States only the name since the Great Starvation of Years 2053 and 2054. China has no more interest in the outside world striving to remain united under the mixed rules of the ex-communist party and the great fortunes that came out of the 21st century. In fact, it is now the reign of the great corporations that are tough enough to keep influence everywhere. Only parts that are keeping some sense of peace are Europe, India and for southern Hemisphere Australia and New Zealand as well as the underseas cities led by the Origin consortium. It is as they said, world is living interesting times.

I am Sabir Cailleunard from the undersea New Marseille City. I am here at the south border of Europe working officially as a doctor helping all those people trying to find some rest and a new life in EU. I am also trying to limit the power of these corps that consider themselves as the only form of authority on the planet. I am monitoring all these wretches slaves of their extensions and their improvements. For myself, I am plugged to the network through these new mind interfaces and thus I am able to use all its power as owned by Origin to manage these guys. Just now I am hacking this poor one that is trying to meddle with the security system of the refugee camp. Nominal procedure, first hack his physical extensions, second destroy the interfaces letting network provide false infos then remove and free. He will become a new citizen of the underseas cities.

Scientific Age - Not Developped

 As it is often the case, Chaos paves the way to innovation and the efforts of all that care. During the previous period, those stable islands focussed their efforts on a way to manage the changes done to the world meteorology system. Perhaps the ultimate hubris to control weather. The first issue was to create the energy source needed and then to spread it in locations which would stabilize the global system. This led to the creation of the weather machine and of the orbital network in charge of  its distribution. In the year 2127, equilibrium is reached and man control Earth Climate. During this period, World population decreased from the 9 Billion of 21st century to 3 Billion. 200 Million are now leaving in the underseas cities and more than 1 Million are leaving outside Earth surface. Due to the global nature of the machines there is a world government, GLOB for Global  Liaison Orientation Board, that manages the whole system. Nevertheless, Africa remains a desert waste, Australia as well, Amazonia forest is retaking its due. Is it the gold Age of humanity?

God has never wanted for Humanity to play this role…Humans are masters of the weather, creators of a new humanity adapted to space, rape the seas that were never intended to host them. We of the “Old Earth” will fight these faithless whatever their numbers, whatever their power. I am waiting this space ship and will kill those onboard using their own weapons. A bee sting perhaps but God will help me and if I die will guide me to heaven.

Escape Age - Not Developped

During the Scientific Age public learned of the existence of different people, having access to the power of the Mind, the psionic craftsmen. This was done through the 1sr worldwide congress of Psi science in Yokohama.. In fact many Agencies of the different nations existed that used such gifted persons. These people helped GLOB to rebuild the world but nevertheless many resented the fact they could be spied or worse. A parallel psionic organisation, that called itself the Trident order, began a campaign of terrific terrorist actions and in 2278, the first weather machine exploded followed by the other due to coupling effects. World end has come. In one day 10% of the population died on Earth, in seven days only 10% of the population remained. The only hope was to reach one of the surviving underworld cities or to emigrate in Space. Cannibalism prevails and radiation level has reached a level killing all. Moreover some strange effects strike many that revert to some sort of primitive life state… Kind of reign of the zombies of old fiction? Last but not least, it seems that the violence of the explosion moved the Earth rotation axis. Every healthy person is on the run.

I am the Master and that’s it God has led me to the destruction of this world to make it anew. The machines of the Heathen have been destroyed. I devoted my life and death to their destruction. I am waiting just in front of the entry of “Marseille-sous-mer” telling everybody coming that their hope won’t be fulfilled and that they will die nonetheless, trying to prevent my people not to enter as they will be butchered…

Abyss Age - Not Developped

Survivors came as they could into the underseas cities. Wagram machine filtered those with psi powers latent or not . And they were eliminated be they man, woman or child. Time were harsh and punishment was in order. It is 135 since the end of the machines or approximately as no sun is rising and it is hard to keep time. Some mechanical clocks survived and are used. Surface does not exist anymore for us. We survive thanks to the work done by our ancestors trying to promote a whole undersea life and our cetacean friends help us as we are helping them. Each of the cities tries to survive as it can. Earthquakes happen and we learned often of the end of one or the other. Those rare books that remained were not read anymore… We endure.

 Amiel I am and I am listening to this old old crook speaking of things called Surface called Sun. He is a little stupid but when he tells of the “open fields” with his croaked voice I am crying like when mom died ten returns of the big fishes. He tells me that home is no more that home is no hosting laughing voices that the sky swift breeze will never flow his hairs from faces. How can it be when my days are made of plants growth of dolphins care of water diving just to collect the immediate necessities. Nevertheless I always come back to him and his “books” and their strange symbols he tries to learn me. He tells me of many other cities …  He shows me funny things such as a pendula drawing traces in the sand running around a circle. He tells me that it will allow me to track time better than the regular sea phenomena. Sometimes I am dreaming against him and I am feeling his mind inside my head that is learning me unwillingly what to do to survive. Someday he will die as immortal as he can be and my heart will be filled of the great void.

Sea Cities Age - Not Developped

Centuries have passed and even the knowledge of the Surface has disappeared. Every of the old machines have stopped. Nevertheless humanity were able to thrive again adapting to this new environment living a symbiotic life with its cetacean animals. Science has disappeared as it is and craft and magic are the rules. Education is based upon know-how provided through corporations such as as Hydropian or Fishian or Gardian corporations. Equilibrium has been reached for the surviving cities that are creating routes between them for the closest ones. Humanity has changed as well as the animals on which it depends. An organisations emerged from the chaos in many cities. As during middle age there are now priests, soldiers, kings and peasants…

There is a synode organised in Medatre, Capital city of Mar Empire that is composed of more than 10 cities. It is said they will decide to eradicate heretics that do not believe in the god of chasm and the devil of height. We are 10 soldiers from the city of Freben close to the Empire borders. We ambush convoys and make up as accidents the different convoys to the synods deciding of the future of the Empire with the free cities.

Dust Age - Not Developped

The age of the underseas cities is finished. Our ancestors were coming out of the dark ages and federations of cities were flourishing until the Metal Plague. in the year 2025 of the Mar federation, time had been mastered through pendulums distributed in its different cities. The great Lurospect Demir had provided the basis of the expanse. Year 0 of the Demirien time had occurred. Underwater railways were developed linking the different cities of the federation. Stations to host dolphins and humans were distributed on the territory and everything went well or almost when in the year 1192 everything went wrong. The metallic infrastructure began to break and the work to maintain the transportation system became enormous. Two cities almost disappeared when safety doors broke open and killed many. But this went on by our Hydroponics eating up their supports and then the first case of the metal plague occurred the third day of the cycle of Doura of year 1194 as Varuak Eminsh took what was confused at the time for a simple flu but that endured and during two days he was nor dead nor alive but what he touched began rusting if some metallic parts where included. We were forced to come out of our cities and go back to the surface of Earth we had thought did not exist. It was the beginning of the Dust Age.

Our partners had to go back to their original home and we are there to help them that helped us to survive when end’s world occurred. It has been many cycles we knew Surface is hospitable again. I am helping my team mate ‘Rau ‘Hon’as to discover the Sun God and to reach the beach and its sand close to the forest. Never again will I leave with her as I leaved before in the cities but my friend will endure in the dust of the World.

Kingdoms Age - Not Developped

 Mankind has come back to Earth Surface to discover it totally changed. Ice Age has come back and only the equatorial belt is able to support it. Following the Metal Plague it was not possible anymore to manipulate iron which was rusting in some days to dust and mankind had to go back to stone. Another consequence of the Metal Plague and the coming back to Earth was the differentiation of the human race as well as all other life forms into multiple variations such as dwarves  or elves of the tales of old. Dolphins evolved also towards grasping capable races. Even some monsters of old appeared that terrified people. Then came The Magician and his followers. They teached us how to get iron and make it resists the Plague. They teached humanity how to cope with the powers that were triggered by the Metal Plague. Kingdoms emerged of the transformation inferred. They are dominating the world and war against each others for blood and power. We are now in the year 502 of the Magician.


I always dream in the morning of strange cities reaching up the skies, I dream of a world without masters without inherited hierarchy of lords where only personal prowess vigor and capabilities dictate your place in the world. In the morning I dress up with the livery of the house of the Reduarque. I am at the service of the yougest son that will be submitted to the manhood ritual in the Ran Pedri Forest… He is not totally dumb but nevertheless these dreams make me believe that someday I will rub his nose in the dirt.

Rebirth Age - Not Developped

The Kingdoms Age saw its end when The Five Empires appeared. The whole habitable surface of Earth is now inhabited by the diverse forms of humanity. The Ice caps are limiting this surface on north and south latitudes even if it is said that some specific species colonized these areas. Nevertheless the world is now under the scrutiny of those enlightened by the power of the mind to explain the universe. Some Empires try to limit their discoveries but the universal Ranuvan language allows some “unlawful” communication between the new scientists. Looking up to the sky, regularities are found and the elliptic planets trajectories are proven, thanks to precise measurements. Only some bodies are following paths not explainable by the inverse square law. Beyond Cosmology many other sciences like Pharmacology, Magic, Physics, Linguistics, are studied in different locations around this round world.

It is year 1698 of the Alendria. The Five Empires are: Fëroé Chasm, Mardare Teeth, Reignë Eparchy, Shelters Litany and Polynarch Merchant cities. The wide sea space between Teeth and Chasm is in fact managed by renewed underseas cities that have not constituted into an Empire but are federates of the Orïn league. There is two specificities to the Eparchy, It is dominating the religious environment as its proselytism worked so well that despite some sects here and there every of the religious people refer to it Archbishop for spiritual guidance. It is also dominating the Iron market through the management of the only Iron mine of the world. Shelters Litany is the Empire of the numbers and is the harshest tyranny. Many of its citizen try to flee by the North even if it is very dangerous.


Damned son, Dexson ran veruio fer Reduarque, inheritor of Teriyau Duchy, the last of my line has caught the enlightenment fever and has begun to cut herbs, plants, and everything that grows to understand what animate them and what interaction Magic has with them. He has been summoned in Bren Zal Capital city of the Mardare Teeth Empire. My ennemies there will use his stupidity to push me out of responsibility. I will have to call for help of the Renish Party to protect my only son from those old bastards. Nevertheless his capabilities in science are extraordinary and his explanations on plants growths and intrication with magic are astounding… I have to face it, he is the future.

Expansion Age - Not Developped

 Rebirth Age has led to the first Electromagnetic waves emitted from the planet since the end of the world. Since many years inhabitants of the Earth know that some intelligent life is leaving outside its surface. They scrutinize some parts of space thanks to the new telescope technology. There were artificial objects staying at the two quiet points between Danets and Earth. many small objects were leaving and arriving. Moreover Magicians were able to locate some minds present there. In the year 1752 of Alendria, The remnants of humanity that left Earth were confronted to the survivors. The first encounter was arranged close to the capital city of the Polynarch (common agreement of the different Empires due to their negotiation capabilities). What was not understood by Earth humanity was that their brothers in the sky had never been confronted to this legend, the Metal Plague. It is year 3696 after the Encounter and the solar system is now colonized. Magic has been almost decyphered, the network is now back to life and is the only intelligence not born of biological lifeform… The last limit is the stars.


I Nurnet Parnirian of the Dragonfly Phylum will go to the belt and then the Stars. We represent the different human Phylum and even the Dolphinium one. We all are Magicians of our sort and master of our arts. To the Last Belt we go where we will see marvels after marvels and we will prepare to the Stars. This is the Beagle of the Age and nothing can stop us.

Conflict Age

All Human Phylums, those issued of Damaged Earth as well as those issued of Space Survivors, are now equipped with the Virus. Its complexity is incredible and allows many things that we call Magic for many among us. How did it came into existence, when did it appear? That’s totally unknown. Its link to zero-point energy and quantum psychotronics begins to be clearer. It allows some gifted human minds to detect the motion of elementary particles in the solar system proximity. This is how the new GLOB saw a great disturbance to be understood as a huge displacement of matter. When surveying this displacement humanity understood that its trajectory was definitely intersecting Solar System way. With the help of magical means and focalisation of spirits, GLOB was able to determine that Humanity would see in two centuries its greatest challenge. Every of the resources of the new humanity are now dedicated to survival.

It has been many years since I turned my attention to the Crates of these days. All my long life has been dedicated to this very moment and to this confrontation. They have the advantage of the numbers, they have some psionic capabilities which may have help them to slay other life forms. But during the first Oort battle, we discovered that we are much better in Mind games. I was able to infiltrate this expedition which I hope will help me confront the main mind of this Crates. My companions are young soldiers and see me as younger and a total and almost stupid newbie. A carefully planned illusion. Their mission is the supra luminic propulsion acquisition. My mission is simply to kill the Crates Mastermind.