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Launching the RPG SagaS and opening its website !

December, 1st 2018 : The SagaS Team is very proud to announce the launching of the RPG “SagaS”, and the opening of its website :

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One universe, One History, Many Ages…

A complete Universe, An history but many different Ages: From 1862 to more than 12000, many things happened that allow to present different ages from Medieval-like environment to some weird sea cities or space habitat…


SagaS : an “opensource” RPG Rules System

Universal Rules System for RPGs, SagaS is released under OGL (Open Game License) License, ie in “opensource”.


Welcome on SagaS

SagaS is a RPG (Role-Playing Game), divided into 2 parts :

  • Rules, released as open-source,
  • the World and its History

The Rules

Les Règles de SagaSSagaS Rules are released under the Open Game License (OGL), or more precisely under the “d20 system”, version 1.0a, from Wizard of the Coast (more…).

The World and its History

Le Monde et son Histoire, selon SagaSLe Monde (disponible ici).